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Tuote Hinta
Tuoksuöljy-parfyymi Ambra14.44 €
Tuoksuöljy-parfyymi Fleur d'Orange14.44 €
Tuoksuöljy-parfyymi Jasmine14.44 €
Tuoksuöljy-parfyymi Al Mesk14.44 €
Tuoksuöljy-parfyymi Patcholi14.44 €
Tuoksuöljy-parfyymi Rose14.44 €
Tuoksuöljy-parfyymi Sandal14.44 €

Pure oils made from pure natural ingredients without artificial chemicals and without skin irritating alcohol.  

  • Ambra: Mysteriously seductive
  • Fleur d'Orange: intense sweet floral scent 
  • Jasmine: a delicate fruity scent of jasmine flower 
  • Al Mesk: a seductive scent of musk 
  • Patcholi: a fresh scent of the forest after the rain 
  • Rose: a wonderfully fruity rose scent 
  • Sandal: a mild, soft scent of sandalwood  

The oils are extracted from nature’s own sources, not artificially made in the laboratory.

The perfumes are contained in a 10 ml roll-on bottle which are easy to use. We buy them directly from our own perfume dealer in Marrakech. 

The prices are VAT 0%.